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Young and the Restless Two Weeks



Young and the Restless Two Weeks In the next two weeks, the situation is bound to get serious between Jack and Victor. Meanwhile, the feud between them is about to take center stage again. Victor is furious with Jack and accuses him of having a secret goal in employing Adam. Jack will argue in favor of his efforts to offer Adam a fresh start, but Victor will think that his rival has provoked a major conflict.

So, it’s obvious that Jack and Victor’s feud will again rise to its peak. Now that Adam is working for the enemy, we cannot deny that things are bound to get serious as we have never imagined. Jack and Victor have had several run-ins over the years, and now that Adam is working for the opposition, it will be the final nail in the coffin for Newman Enterprises and Jabot’s next difficult chapter.

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Elsewhere, Nikki Newman will gear up for something serious against Diane. She will meet Deacon as she feels her ex-husband is the only person who can address her long list of queries and worries regarding Diane. In the meantime, Phyllis will keep hatching plans to undermine Diane, and their animosity will soon reach a new level.

So, things are set to become serious for Diane, and we have to wonder how she will deal with the approaching bombshell. Nick and Sally will engage in some heated pleasures in the interim. It will be simple for their emotional connection to develop into a physical one now that Nick and Sally have established one. So, they’ll have some passionate moments, leaving Adam to face a significant bombshell in the aftermath.

In terms of Sally’s forgiveness for Adam, he feels quite optimistic. Adam may have the impression that Sally would have his back, but she’ll end up hooking up with Nick. So, whatever expectations Adam had for a Sally reunion will be shattered, at least for the time being.
Meanwhile, Nate and Devon’s feud is heating up because of Nate’s devious moves on Chancellor-Winters. Even after several failures, Nate doesn’t seem to understand his limitations. So, again, Devon will become enraged if he learns about the fall music festival.

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So, Nate and Devon’s relationship will likely develop seriously, and Imani will feed the conflict between them. Nate will be tempted to give up, but Imani will persuade him to stick it out and continue pushing for the progress he wants.

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